Almost half of musicians would use AI to write songs

47.1% of independent musicians would consider using AI songwriting tools within their creative projects.

In light of the recent news highlighting artists' concerns about the impact of AI and the signing of a musician pledge towards the integrity of music creation, global music distribution company Ditto Music has highlighted findings from its research into how musicians view AI.

Ditto's survey of 1200+ independent artists revealed that over 47% of independent musicians would consider using AI for songwriting, despite the recent public backlash from superstar acts including Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, and Stevie Wonder.

This figure was significantly lower than the 77% of artists who said they would use AI tools to create album artwork, the 66% for mixing & mastering services, and the 62% that would use AI for music production tasks, suggesting creative integrity is more important to musicians when songwriting.

Only 11% of those surveyed said they had used AI for songwriting within their music so far, with 23.1% stating the main reason for this is the lack of creativity involved in using AI tools.

28.5% also claimed that they would never use AI within their music in any aspect. More of Ditto's findings can be seen below:

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Lee Parsons

Lee Parsons

CEO, Ditto Music

Jordan Hetherington

Jordan Hetherington

Press Officer, Ditto Music



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