Only 12.8% of independent artists are releasing vinyl despite rise in physical sales

Only 12.8% of independent artists are releasing vinyl despite rise in physical sales

Vinyl production costs are still too high for most independent musicians.

Global music distribution & label services company Ditto Music has found that only 12.8% of independent musicians have released their music on vinyl, despite Record Store Day 2024 being on course to boost indie retailers by almost £10m this weekend.

Ditto’s survey of 1,000 independent artists discovered that the main reason for artists not releasing vinyl was that production costs were too high (54.4%). Other factors included fan bases not being interested in vinyl products (28.7%) and production times being too long (9.9%).

Key results of the survey can be seen in the graph below:

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Survey results found that the likeliness of artists having released vinyl increases with age. Only 8% of those aged between 0-17 have released vinyl, but figures rise to 20.5% for 45-54 year-olds and 34.4% for artists aged 50 and above.

Ditto's findings also show that only 8% of rap artists have released music on vinyl. These figures jump to 13.8% for alternative acts and 14.9% for rock artists.

Even with recent surges in UK vinyl sales, digital streaming remains highly popular among independent artists. 44.9% stated that they haven't ever purchased a vinyl product as they prefer to digitally stream music. To find out how much artists can earn from digitally releasing their music, check out the Ditto Music Royalty Calculator.

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