Ditto Music launches Industry Access initiative

Developed to improve working-class and minority representation in the music industry, Industry Access includes training sessions, workshops and networking fair for those looking to kick-start their careers.

Ditto Music, the award-winning global music distribution and record label services company, has today launched a multi-stage training initiative, Industry Access, to encourage people from minority and working-class backgrounds to start careers in the music industry.

After pledging $100,000 to Black Lives Matter causes in 2020, Ditto began developing Industry Access as way of making a lasting difference to those who feel they have been shut out of the music industry. Industry Access is open to anyone aged 16 and over who feels challenged by inequality and would like to develop their music industry experience, networks and knowledge, and will be comprised of two main elements: the Music Industry Training Programme, open to 100 applicants, and a Music Industry Fair & Networking Event.

The training programme will include five in-depth training sessions covering key areas of the music industry: distribution and labels, artist management, music marketing, publishing and a closing keynote by rapper and TV personality Big Zuu on strategies for developing an artist’s career.

Each session will be hosted by Ditto Music and feature guest speakers from across the industry as they share their vast knowledge and expertise.Confirmed speakers include Despa Robinson, founder and director of BE83 Music Group, The Go 2 Agency founder Shauni Caballero and Tasha Demi and Whitney Asomani, founders of Twenty:two Agency.

Meanwhile, the industry fair and networking event will be open to everyone who completes the initial training programme. Due to take place on September 4th, the event will host an array of music industry guests who will be on-hand to chat, connect and network with the cohort. Industry guests will include label reps and owners, collecting societies and publishers, music lawyers, marketing companies and many more.

Following the Industry Training Programme, Ditto will also offer one-to-one mentoring, providing a selection of the initiative’s participants the opportunity to chat and learn directly from key industry figures.

Applications for Industry Access are now open and you can apply here with a short video explaining why you would benefit from the initiative. ​ It is due to start in the spring / summer of this year.


Commenting on the launch of Industry Access, Ditto CEO Lee Parsons, said, "

"After we pledged to $100,000 in 2020 to support Black Lives Matter causes and underrepresented people across the music industry, it was clear that we needed to use our position to create real opportunities that would make a real difference. That’s why we created Industry Access, to give those who feel underrepresented in the industry the opportunity to learn from the best, develop their skills and excel in their own careers."


On his involvement with Industry Access, rapper Big Zuu said,

"The launch of this initiative, hosted by Ditto Music, is so important for this industry. I feel proud to be a part of it and any advice I can offer to young people wanting to kick start their careers, especially those from minority backgrounds, I hope is one step further in the right direction. I'll be talking to Vital about my journey and how I've approached my career."


Vital Powers, Video Content Creator at Ditto, said,

"Industry Access is an opportunity I would have run to at the start of my career. There can be lots of knock-backs for young black people trying to break into the music industry no matter how eager they are, so it's a breath of fresh air to see Ditto tackling the issue and offering support to try and better the situation. Plus, it feels great for me personally to be a part of the solution, rather than just hoping something gets done."


Shauni Caballero of The Go 2 Agency added,

"It's great to see a company put their money where their mouth is and launch a programme that will really make a difference and help to empower the black community."


On their involvement with the initiative, Twenty:Two Agency founders Tasha Demi and Whitney Asomani said,

"We are delighted to be a part of Ditto's Industry Access. The programme aligns with Twenty:Two Agency's core values to nurture new talent, and we are really keen to continue to provide access to knowledge and improve literacy in order to unlock some of the barriers to access in the music industry."


Learn more & apply for Industry Access here: dittomusic.com/industry-access



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