Ditto Music Announces Global Expansion

12 New Offices To Open Worldwide

Music distributor and record label service Ditto Music continues its global expansion with the opening of twelve new offices worldwide and a new multilingual website as part of their extensive development.

In addition to their eight established offices, the UK-born company has opened new operations in Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, France, Argentina, Chile, India, Canada, South Korea and Spain.

New senior management includes ex-Universal VP Rodrigo Ratto (Brazil), former head of A&R at Warner Brothers Jinno Minna (Philippines), ex-head of labels at Believe Digital Ariel Etbul (Mexico) and former Saregama exec Gautam Sarkar to manage Ditto’s Indian operations.

Alongside Ditto’s subscription model, their % model has grown 700% in 2017 and they’ve also achieved four Top 20 albums in the UK and their first Top 50 Billboard album from Dodie.

The successful expansion throughout this year has also seen Ditto Music double both its user base and its revenue in 2017. The company is looking forward to another successful twelve months ahead with ten new global headquarters set to be unveiled in January 2018.


“Artists are moving away from major label deals and towards independence because companies like Ditto give them more attention, better terms and more revenue. I’m excited how the huge milestones happening at Ditto right now will benefit musicians worldwide.” 
Lee Parsons, Ditto Music CEO & Founder


Ditto CEO & Founder Lee Parsons is available for further comment and interview.

Please contact [email protected] for enquiries.


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