Free E-Book Explains How to Get Music Playlisted

Playlisting: The Billion Dollar Business by Ditto Music CEO Lee Parsons

Playlisting: The Billion Dollar Business is a new free e-book by Ditto Music CEO Lee Parsons, revealing how unsigned artists can get their music playlisted on major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and more.

Within the book, Lee shares the secrets he’s learned throughout his long career in the music business, from insider tips and playlisting hacks uncovered in meetings with streaming service executives to illuminating figures on how much artists stand to earn in royalties from the major platforms.

This in-depth guide to playlisting also goes into detail about how the most popular playlists are curated, the tools artists can use to track their success, as well as specific artist case studies and more, showing how unsigned artists can take full advantage of the billion-dollar music streaming industry.


"How to use playlisting to your advantage is something every emerging band and artist should be made aware of. This e-book is bursting with invaluable advice to empower and enable unsigned acts to get playlisted and maximise their earnings from streaming."‚Äč 
Louise Dodgson, Editor of the Unsigned Guide


As streaming becomes the music industry's largest revenue sector, this free book offers the ultimate guide to getting tracks included on major playlists and has been endorsed by influential publications including Hypebot and The Unsigned Guide.


Playlisting: The Billion Dollar Business is available now as a free PDF or audiobook download, as well as on Spotify & Kindle, at


Excerpts from the book are free to republish with attribution to

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